From the Gun: A new podcast from L39ION of LA and CyclingTips

That's right, a L39ION podcast is coming soon.

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Justin Williams founded L39ION of LA with a vision of what cycling could be, and can be, if it’s pushed in the right direction at the right time. It’s a vision we love – more diverse, more accessible, more willing to learn from the world outside bikes. So we’re incredibly pleased to announce that CyclingTips is partnering with Williams and L39ION to produce a podcast called From the Gun.

That’s right, a L39ION podcast is coming soon.

Some of you may have caught Williams’ short From the Gun episodes on his Instagram page, which serve as the inspiration for this full-length podcast project.

Williams, the current US National Criterium champion, will host the episodes, which will be released monthly at first before bumping up to twice a month as regular racing returns. Expect to hear often from his brother Cory Williams, teammates like Dante Young, Eder Frayre, Tyler Williams, and Lance Haidet, and interview guests from inside and outside cycling.

In addition to From the Gun, CyclingTips will join L39ION at select races, telling the team’s story and that of the American crit scene.

Williams hopped on this week’s CyclingTips Podcast to preview From the Gun, and talk about what he wants from the podcast. You can listen to that segment here:

“I think it’ll be a little bit of everything,” Williams said. “What I want it to have is that barbershop type vibe, where you’re talking about the experiences that you share on the bike and things that people can relate to that don’t necessarily happen to them.”

“My original idea for a podcast was, ‘how do I connect people and experiences?’ Lots of people who ride bikes but don’t necessarily race. I’m interested in how those experiences that they’ve had with the bike make for positivity in their life. I want to know how people use the bike as a stress reliever and to think through things. I love that ability to escape, that kind of mental clarity bikes bring.

“We won’t just talk to the traditional bike people. We’ll look beyond cycling, to basketball players, football players, to influencers. How did they use the bike to better their mental health and to gain clarity in their life? We’re going to get some insider views.

“It’ll be about the crit scene as well. We’ll talk about the struggles that we’ve gone through that people can relate to. There’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens to us while we’re traveling. Then there’s the crazy stuff happen within these criteriums. I think a lot of people can relate to that. And there are so many good stories in there that I just want to share.”

How can I listen?

From the Gun will run on the same channel as our weekly CyclingTips Podcast, so if you’re subscribed to that podcast already you’ll get From the Gun automatically.

If you aren’t subscribed, you can do so on Spotify, iTunesStitcher, or Google Play. Once you’re subscribed, new episodes will be pushed to your phone automatically.

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