Grinduro Canada Postponed to 2021

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After announcing the postponement of their stop in Switzerland, Grinduro has also made the decision to postpone its Canada event to 2021. This announcement comes only a month after registration opened (and sold out) for Grinduro California on September 12, 2020.

“We really tried everything to keep hope alive – we even thought up a reduced format of the event,” read Grinduro’s news release about the postponement of its Canada event. “We imagined all possible scenarios! Changing the mass start for a masked start. Replacing the Giro barber chair with a Purell manicure station. Having a country show out in a field with socially distanced line dancing…

“Then we realized the obvious. The spirit of Grinduro is community. The fun of being together, exchanging, eating, riding, camping, and celebrating together! Distorting such a beautiful event is not an option; we prefer to get even more pumped and meet back in 2021.”

Grinduro has yet to announce a new date, but for those who have already registered will automatically get transferred to the next year. If a registrant is unable to participate in Grinduro Canada 2021, you can request a refund after the new date has been announced.

“The summer will be very sad without the Grindurian purple. Fortunately, it’s only a matter of time until we meet again! And as schedules are pretty empty this summer, the organizers have plenty of time to brainstorm and prepare for 2021. Chances are, it’ll be the wildest Grinduro yet!”

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