Continental launches special edition tan sidewall GP 5000

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Fans of a classic look, rejoice. Continental has released a special edition “cream” sidewall version of its premier road tire, the Grand Prix 5000.

The GP 5000 TdF LTD 2020, as it is formally known, was slated to be released for the Tour de France’s second rest day, which was supposed to be today, and is Continental’s first road tire with a cream or tan sidewall.

The tire is stamped with a little TDF logo, as Continental is a partner of the Tour de France.

Other than the sidewall color, the tire remains unchanged from a regular, tube-type GP 5000. It uses Continental’s BlackChili rubber compound, has a Vectran breaker for improved flat resistance, and has a 330tpi casing. It’s one of our favorite tires. Price jumps up to €69.90, or approximately US$79/AU$115.

Cream or tan sidewall colors throw back to more traditional tire constructions, with a rubber tread glued onto a cotton, or even silk, casing. It’s a classic look. One might even argue it’s the best look.

Unfortunately, this special edition release remains a bit of a tease. The tan walls will only be available in 25mm width. This makes us sad.

The good news is that Continental has now admitted it can make tan wall road tires. Big mistake, Continental. We always sort of knew, somewhere in our gut, that it was possible. But now we’ve seen it. We have tasted the tan, and we want more.

Continental, please don’t stop here. Release a 28mm tan wall GP 5000. Or a 30mm, even. Do it for us.

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