Strava and CyclingTips’ friendship goes way back to 2009, when both brands were still in their infancy. We offer very different services to the cycling community, but we also have lots in common. In our early days we both gave away everything we had for free. That was a sustainable business for a while, but the internet increasingly became a race to the bottom and the choice was clear – either join that race to the bottom, or serve our customers as members. We both chose the latter.

A few weeks ago we wrote about why it’s important to support organisations by paying for the things you love. We know that working for an audience makes for a better product. We know because, even though our content is and will remain free, it’s what we do. Members make CyclingTips better for everybody.

Today we’re excited to announce a collaboration with one of the things we love – Strava. From today you are able to bundle a Strava subscription (RRP $60 USD/year) with a VeloClub membership (RRP $79 USD/year) for only $99 USD/year. If you’ve wanted to become a member of either VeloClub or Strava, now is the time because we’re only offering this deal for a limited time.

That’s right, for $99 you can support both CyclingTips + Strava!

It’s not for everyone. It’s for you.