‘Meditation or addiction’ – An interview with Emma Pooley

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Ever wonder what it takes to be one of the world’s best athletes? Emma Pooley, former world time trial champ, Olympic medalist, and, most recently, the Everesting record holder, talks through what drives her, what scares her, and more in this video interview.

As Pooley said on Instagram about the video,


…is one of those uncomfortable questions that it can be worth asking yourself. Sometimes. Not too often ????

It’s something I’ve thought about a lot this year. I found some answers for myself, but it’s a very personal thing.

What’s your reason?”

Particularly interesting is Pooley’s perspective on training – and just how much she does.

Unless you speak German, you’ll probably want to watch with subtitles (click the ‘cc’ button on the player), because Pooley happens to be chatting in one of the (many, many) other languages she speaks.

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