The case for buying handbuilt wheels: CT Stories

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There’s something magical about a good set of wheels. A set built for what you need and what you want, for your weight and your riding style. In an era of ever-increasing automation, something built by hand, built by someone you’ve spoken to, is ever-more appealing.

Ryan Downes started RyanBuildsWheels in 2014, in St Werburgh’s, Bristol, UK. It’s now a three-man operation, co-owned by all three. The company is known for its lovingly laced, obsessively perfect, made-to-order wheel builds.

As fans of handbuilt wheels ourselves, we decided to swing by the RyanBuildsWheels shop, meet the men behind it, and have a look around. What we found was a personal and material case for buying wheels that don’t simply come off a rack. To see for yourself, check out the video above.

You can learn more about Ryan’s hand made, custom built bicycle wheels at the RyanBuildsWheels website.

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