A first look at Scicon’s new Aerowing and Aeroshade eyewear

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Scicon, the Italian company best known for its bike travel cases used by the majority of the WorldTour, has been steadily expanding into product categories well beyond luggage. In recent years the company has invested in saddles and cycling kit, while its relatively new eyewear has suddenly appeared on the faces of UAE Team Emirates, Israel Start-Up Nation and NTT Pro Cycling riders.

Just in time for the Tour, the company has two new models of eyewear which offer trendy large-coverage lenses, improved ventilation, customisable fit, and a number of other clever elements. I just got my eyes behind these a day ago, and while I’m yet to form an opinion, I can share the basics.

The Aeroshade

The new Aeroshade headlines the range with a somewhat throwback-style large lens and raised section above the brow for increased visibility when in the drops. Said to be a world first, the Aeroshade also features an adjustable-height nose bridge that changes the positions of the lens in relation to your sight. There are two positions to choose from and adjusting the height is a similar process to removing a nose bridge when swapping lenses.

The new Aeroshade offers the largest lens in Scicon’s range.

In addition to the height adjustment, the nose bridge can simply be clicked between two distinct shapes/widths, while the wire-based temple tips can be easily customised for fit, too. Aiding with the customisable temples are three small cut-outs along the temple arms, something Scicon calls its “Clip Switch” system. Optional small plastic clips can be placed in these cut-outs to add a splash of colour and/or help to stiffen the arms.

Like Scicon’s pre-existing Aerocomfort (not to be confused with the popular bike travel case of the same name) and Aerotech glasses, the Aeroshade offers removable rubber bumper guards at the base of the lens, something that aims to offer increased face protection in the event of a crash, or simply to offer lens protection when you’re not wearing them. With a raised shape, these bumpers do indeed prevent the lens from being able to touch a flat surface.

While it’s not the easiest of swaps, the lenses are interchangeable and Scicon provides an additional clear lens in addition to the main lens. That main lens features a mirrored coating and is said to offer high impact protection and high clarity. There’s a photochromic option, too. A quick test suggests there’s no hydrophobic coating on the lens.

The lenses are vented, while the top of the frame offers matching vent locations on the inner side of the lens. A quick fog test shows the lens clears efficiently.

The Aeroshade weighs an actual 40 g and is available in either gloss black, gloss white, or the pictured crystal colouring. There are six lens types to choose from. Expect to pay €190 / £170 / US$225 / AU$310 / CA$300 for the new Scicon Aeroshade.

The Aerowing

Launched alongside the Aeroshade is the subtly different Aerowing. This model loses both the raised lens at the brow and height-adjustable nose bridge but gains a more elegant (simple) design via a rimless lens. That rimless lens isn’t clear to the edge; rather it features a laser-etched finish that should protect the edges from scratching.

Compared to the Aeroshade, the Aerowing (pictured) is a subtly simpler option.

Like the Aeroshade, the Aerowing offers just one size of lens, however, it’s not quite as large as the former. Those with smaller faces may still be best served by Scicon’s Aerocomfort or Aerotech models which offer various lens sizes.

Otherwise, the Aerowing offers the same Made in Italy label, lens technology, lens and frame ventilation, width adjustable nose bridge, and bendable temple tips as the Aeroshade. Likewise, the fit is much the same, something that feels slightly larger than much of Oakley’s eyewear in terms of sizing, but of course, with plenty of adjustment range to it. Fitment photos are in the gallery below.

Weighing an actual 33 grams, the Aerowing is available in the same colour options as the Aeroshade. Expect to pay €180 / £160 / $215 / AU$300 / CA$285 for the Aerowing.


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