Goodyear expands range of tubeless road tires with high- and low-end options

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If you watched Goodyear’s entry into the bicycle tire market two years ago and wondered if the automotive behemoth would stay the course, wonder no longer. Goodyear is not only sticking around, but has just announced an expansion to its road cycling range with four new models.

Topping the collection is a new tubeless version of its Eagle F1 “ultra high-performance all-round race tire,” featuring a synthetic and natural rubber tread cap enhanced with silica and graphene, a 120 threads-per-inch nylon casing, and Goodyear’s Tubeless Complete construction that adds a thin “Multi Compound” rubber layer to the inside of the casing that promises better air retention with minimal sealant.

There’s also a Dual Angle Bead shape that Goodyear claims to deliver a safe and solid seal with both hooked and hookless rims.

Claimed weight for a 700×25 mm size is 275 grams.

For riders that are more keenly focused on outright performance, there’s also a new tubeless version of the lighter-and-faster Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport, which offers similar construction to the regular Eagle F1, but with a thinner, faster-rolling, and lighter tread cap.

Claimed weight for a 700×25 mm size is 210 grams.

On the other side of the Eagle F1 fence is the new Vector 4Seasons that extends the casing protection from just under the tread cap to all the way from bead to bead for improved puncture resistance, a thicker and wider tread cap for longer wear, and a different silica-enhanced rubber compound that boosts wet-weather grip for more confidence when riding in inclement conditions.

Like the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport, the Vector 4Seasons will also be offered in both tube-type and tubeless fitments, with the former adding a 30 mm-wide puncture protection belt under the tread, and the latter featuring Goodyear’s Dual Angle bead shape and Multi Compound inner casing layer.

Claimed weight for the tube-type 700×25 mm Vector 4Seasons is 250 grams, while the Tubeless Complete version in the same size is 290 grams.

Retail pricing for all of the new tubeless road tires ranges from US$65-70 / AU$90 / £45-55 / €50-60, with variations depending on model and size.

For more budget-conscious riders, there’s also the new Eagle Sport tube-type tires, built with a silica-enhanced tread cap that focuses more on durability and puncture resistance, a 60 TPI nylon casing, and a folding aramid bead.

Claimed weight for a 700×25 mm sample is 250 grams, and retail price is just US$30 / AU$50 / £20 / €25.

I haven’t had a chance to ride any of Goodyear’s new tubeless road tires yet, but having installed the Eagle F1, Eagle F1 Supersport, and Vector 4Seasons on a wide selection of tubeless-compatible wheels, I can at least attest to how easy they inflate and seat with a standard floor pump — albeit at the expense of a rather tight initial fit across the board, so I’ll be curious to see if they become a little easier to service roadside after they settle in and stretch a bit.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth road test soon.

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