Nerd Alert podcast: Are two-speed internal hubs the new front derailleur?

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In our latest – and long – episode of the CyclingTips Nerd Alert podcast we look at the biggest stories in the world of tech and then take a deep dive into the world of rim and tyre standards.

The episode kicks off with a chat about the newly released Ridley Kanzo gravel bike and whether aero gravel is what we want. We then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the new Classified hub-based shifting system. And then we move to what impact Zwift’s new steering feature could have on virtual racing.

Then it’s time for the headline act of the show, an interview between James Huang and Luke Musselman, president of Goodyear’s bicycle tyre program about the topic of quoted versus actual tire sizes.

Finally, Bike Selector makes a return, and this time it’s a well-priced and well-rounded mountain bike.

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