Cycling Australia will join AusCycling after all

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It took a while for it to happen, but all of Australia’s cycling disciplines have now voted to unify as part of the AusCycling initiative.

MTB and BMX have been committed to the new initiative since February this year but until now, road and track — governed by Cycling Australia — hasn’t had the constituent support necessary to join AusCycling. Back in March only five of the organisation’s eight state and territory bodies voted ‘yes’ to AusCycling — not enough to meet the 75% requirement mandated by the Cycling Australia constitution for the national body to join.

But this past weekend, at a Cycling Australia Special General Meeting, a re-vote returned six of eight ‘yes’ votes — enough to see Cycling Australia join AusCycling after all. Cycling Tasmania was the organisation changing its ‘no’ vote to a ‘yes’ after new leadership at the organisation ushered through the state body’s support earlier this month.

“This is a monumental day for cycling in Australia,” a Cycling Australia press release declared. “It achieves a significant change to sport governance in Australia and positions cycling for the future, creating the greatest potential to provide benefits and opportunities for all who ride a bike.

“What started as an ambitious plan two years ago to bring together 19 cycling organisations to form one new unified nationwide organisation will now be realised. In all, 16 organisations [are] now confirmed as joining, including the three current NSOs [National Sporting Organisations] of BMX, Mountain Bike and Road and Track.”

AusCycling is set to start operations in a little over a month’s time.

“From November 1, 2020, members will have the ability to race all disciplines under one licence, clubs will have access to a range of new programs and resources, and further benefits will be introduced as the organisation evolves,” the Cycling Australia press release continued.

“For existing members of any of BMXA, MTBA or CA, your current membership, including insurance coverage, will be recognised by AusCycling until the expiry date of that membership. This will be the case regardless of whether your state association voted to join AusCycling or not.

“On commencement, AusCycling is expected to have more than 50,000 individual members, over 400 affiliated clubs and offices and staff located throughout the country.”

All 16 organisations joining AusCycling will now be dissolved. It’s expected that staff and assets from the existing businesses will be rolled into the new organisation.

State and territory organisations that voted not to join AusCycling (or abstained from the vote) will likely have the opportunity to join at a later date.

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