From heartache to Olympic gold: Scott McGrory reflects 20 years later

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One of Australia’s most significant sporting moments happened 20 years ago at the Sydney Olympics when Scott McGrory and Brett Aitken won the gold medal in the Madison. And this wasn’t just any gold medal. The tragedy that Scott had to overcome just weeks before race day is what makes this story so inspiring, sad, and unique.

I didn’t move to Australia until 2005 and this story never made it into my consciousness until only a few years ago. I met Scott just after he retired as a pro cyclist and I’ve since become friends with him. But not as Scott McGrory the Olympic gold champion. Just Scott McGrory, the human being without any of those pretences.

I’ve always known Scott as a regular guy, but of course I know what he’s accomplished and am fully aware there’s something special within him that makes him a sporting champion – something that most of us have never, and will never possess.

In this in-depth interview, exactly 20 years after he won his Olympic gold, Scott reflects on the hardships he endured in the lead-up to Sydney, as well as the demons he’s struggled with since.

So buckle up, get a box of tissues and get ready for this gut-wrenching and inspiring story that Scott has so generously shared with us.

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