Kuat Transfer v2 hitch rack moves upscale with more features, tougher build

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Kuat’s lower-priced Transfer rear hitch rack has always occupied a back seat compared to the company’s flagship NV and midrange Sherpa models. Thanks to some key upgrades, the new Transfer v2 promises to retain its admirable value proposition, but with a more premium look and feel nonetheless.

The Transfer v2 continues on with its distinctive dual-arm chassis, but it now accepts a wider range of wheel sizes (from 18″ to 29″, vs. 20″ to 29″ on the original), wheelbases up to 1,270 cm (50″) to better accommodate modern long-and-slack mountain bikes, and tires up to 5″ wide (a 0.5″ improvement). The body of the rack has also been redesigned for better claimed stability when loaded, with an expanding wedge (or ball, depending on hitch size) mechanism that locks the rack into the receiver for wiggle-free operation, similar to what Kuat uses on its upper-end models.

New to the Transfer v2 is an anti-wobble base that more securely anchors itself into the receiver than the original version.

Long-term durability looks to have received an upgrade as well, with “automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray hardware” used throughout, a powdercoated finish, and there’s now a semi-integrated cable lock system, too.

As with the original Transfer, the Transfer v2 is offered in one-bike, two-bike and three-bike configurations, and the base folds up when not in use via a convenient foot-operated lever, or down to 45º for hatch access when loaded. New to the v2, however, is the option for an additional one-bike add-on that works on any of those versions, bringing the total potential capacity to four.

The pivoting base allows the rack to fold up against the back of the vehicle when not in use, or down at a 45º angle when loaded for easy hatch access.

Pricing remains unchanged, with the single-bike version starting at US$249, and the three-bike version costing US$449. The one-bike add-on costs US$129. Retail availability will begin in November.

More information can be found at www.kuatracks.com.

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