Shoddy’s Tour tech round up: The final goodies

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It’s been tough getting tech shots from the Tour this year, even on the ground. With the whole social distancing protocol in place, not just for the fans but for us, it’s had many of us having to rethink how we approach the race and get the content that we usually have relatively easy access too. Bloomin’ virus ruining things!

Darting around the start area, getting in the way of mechanics and sponsors to get a close up look at rider’s bikes hasn’t even been a factor of a daily Tour stage this year. Instead, there’s been the need for longer lenses on cameras, kind words with mechanics and media representatives from teams to lift a bike to a location where we can get a decent shot. I know for a fact we’ve missed out on some gems. The big one being rumours of a new Shimano Dura-Ace groupset. But it’s been the neat little bits and bobs that make each and every rider bike unique that I’ve personally missed spotting, from custom paint jobs on shoes to odd choices of where they put their satellite shifters.

Either way, we’ve tried our hardest, and I hope that in this latest vid there’s something that piques your interest, be it the mid-range helmet that the UAE Team Emirates had on their nogging for stage 16, those “interesting” looking KTM bikes that B7B Hotels-Vital concept have been aboard or the all-new Lapierre Aircode that Abby and myself managed to happen across when out on a morning spin before we had to get to work. I know there was a reason that I always carry the GoPro with me on the bike.

As usual, delve into this week’s vid, let me know what you like, what is damn awful and what you wished our lenses had managed to capture if we’d been a little more eagle-eyed.

Oh, and if you haven’t already checked out the first Bikes of the Tour video we did way back at the start of the race then what you waiting for, there are some real beauties in there.

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