Truck in the road causes crash at Tour de Luxembourg

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A truck in the road caused a crash on the fifth and final stage of the Tour de Luxembourg.

Inside the last 70 kilometers of racing in the ProSeries event, the peloton rounded a bend to find a large parked truck on course. As riders braked to avoid colliding with the vehicle, several went down.

Saturday’s unfortunate episode was only the latest in a string of incidents at the Tour de Luxembourg. Various occurrences of outside vehicles on course drew frustration from riders on the first stage and then a lengthy protest ride on stage 2, with the peloton neutralizing the race for around 100 kilometers.

The UCI had already published a statement earlier this week stating the governing body was in contact with “the organization, police, riders, and teams,” and noting that “We will continue to closely monitor the race as part of our commitment to reinforce our inspections at events and make safe conditions for the riders a priority. Races on the UCI International Calendar that are not compliant with the UCI Regulations for rider safety could face stage or race cancellation, as well as further disciplinary actions.”

Following Saturday’s incident, the UCI wrote on social media that it would be looking further into the situation at the Tour de Luxembourg.

“The multiple incidents reported throughout the event related to the shortcomings of the race organization are not acceptable and will be investigated and reviewed at next week’s UCI Management Committee,” read a tweet from the UCI. “The appropriate measures will he taken to ensure rider safety at events.”

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