Innicycle cleanly converts your old 1″ threaded bike to modern 1 1/8″ threadless

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Do you own an older bike with a quill stem and 1″ threaded fork? Or in other words, do you own a bike from the ’70s, ’80s or even ’90s? Perhaps it doesn’t quite fit like you remember, maybe the handlebar stopped being safe a decade ago, or perhaps you want to transform that rusty mountain bike into a gravel sled? This bit of tech may help you bring new life to that classic steed.

The Innicycle is a complete conversion headset that retains the stock 1″ threaded fork and frame, and lets you fit a modern 1 1/8″ threadless stem in place of the quill stem. OK, so such conversions have existed for a long time, and some are less terrible than others, however, none have been all that elegant. That was until the same engineer behind the ForkMods 12 mm thru-axle conversions reimagined the whole idea of how to make this conversion (fun fact: ForkMods is run by VeloClub member Adrian Hodgson).

How it works

The most common threadless conversions use a simple pipe with a quill wedge to lock in place of an existing quill stem. Then your stem clamps to that. The issue with these is that you retain the same threaded headset and simply introduce additional ways for things to go wrong. You also introduce a rather unsightly part with a wholly different aesthetic.

Do you have an older steel bike that uses a stem and headset that look a little like this? Well, the Innicycle is worth a look.

Innicycles’ approach is to replace the whole existing threaded (ISO or JIS) headset. Yes, it’s a more involved process, one which will likely require a handful of specialist shop tools, but the outcome is highly functional and provides a clean integrated look.

The above video clearly outlines how to install the Innicycle conversion.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Well, with the new headset pressed into the frame, the Innicycle’s one-piece top cap and 1 1/8″ threadless steerer is threaded onto the 1″ fork (24 tpi) until the bearing slack is removed. Then you tighten the top cap at the top to lock the whole unit into the fork.

There is 90 mm of threadless 1 1/8″ steerer length to clamp onto, and it can be cut down to as short as 38 mm if you wish.

Look closely and you’ll see threads in the gap. This is where the conversion is threaded onto the 1″ fork.

Innicycle’s headset introduces a number of modern elements; namely the fact there are sealed angular cartridge bearings top and bottom. And both the crown race (installed at the base of the fork crown) and top cap (sits above the top bearing) offer seals to keep the bearings protected.

The headset is made predominately from aluminium, with black and silver anodization to choose from. Innicycle also offers matching headset spacers, which while only decorative in purpose, offer a more uniform look.

The Innicycle conversion headset is avilable in black or silver. The matching headset spacers are sold separately.

All up, the Innicycle weighs 240 g. It retails for AU$199 (approx US$140) plus postage, with optional spacer kits adding AU$40.

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