Nerd Alert podcast: Your next road bike might look like an airplane

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Welcome back to the CyclingTips Nerd Alert podcast. In this episode we discuss two things related to the UCI: one is a rule we’d like to see and the other is a rule we will see.

The UCI has a lot of silly technical rules, but there’s one that isn’t on the books that could potentially keep a lot of riders from crashing. It doesn’t have anything to do with the bikes themselves, though; it would apply to bottles and cages. It’s a topic James Huang covered earlier this week, and in this episode, we dive deeper into the issues and solutions.

Following a leaked technical regulations update, we have Factor Bikes’ director of engineering, Graham Shrive, weigh in on the topic. Will your next bike sprout a seatpost out of its top tube? Will road bikes look like triathlon bikes? Maybe, or maybe not.

And finally the popular “Ask a mechanic” segment returns.

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