CyclingTips Podcast: Head units for your wrist and Groenewegen’s suspension

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Just to make sure you all listening are paying attention, we flipped the script for this week’s CyclingTips podcast.

To kick it off, James introduces the gang to the new Wahoo Element Rival, a watch that is a head unit for your wrist. The talk turns to why cyclists aren’t more interested in such an item, and the importance of heart rate monitoring in training. Per-usual, Shoddy misses the good old days.

Next, a discussion of Chloé Dygert and Canyon//SRAM’s statements over the weekend regarding equality in bike racing, and doing better in the future.

And finally, a mini-season review. From Grand Tours to the women’s (lack-of) calendar, the gang chats about some of the major themes of the season, culminating in the suspension of Dylan Groenewegen.

The featured image of Dylan Groenewegen was taken at the start of stage 2 of the UAE Tour in 2020. 

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