Shoddy investigates: Retirement plans of the pros

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The announcement that Vital Concept-B&B Hotel rider Tom-Jelte Slagter was planning on calling it a day on his racing career and venturing into the world of selling agriculture equipment, or more precisely tractors, got me thinking. What the heck are all the pros up to that I used to admire? What has happened to some of the superstars of years gone by?

Sure, we know a few end up behind the wheel of a Skoda yelling at younger versions of what they used to be, or beaming from our goggle boxes telling us how the race is panning out, or even coaching the next generation. But what about the ones that just want to get away from the two-wheeled world?

Well, I decided to do some digging – I pretty much just asked Twitter to be honest- and found out where some of our heroes have ended up.

Many names were thrown my way, many that I’m sure you’ll remember. Some riders who have only been out of the sport for a year or two, but I was also after the elder statesmen, knowing that ‘back in the good old days” wages weren’t really all that hot.

I was inundated with messages from people who know where all these pros have ended up. So many that I may very well contemplate making a second episode, as I had to leave out so many great names and jobs. This video could have easily dragged on for 30 mins, so if you like this first one let me know, and I’ll get the camera out again, and Final Cut fired up again.

As always, please delve into this week’s video. I’m hoping there are a few surprises in here.

Shoddy Dave

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