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Many of you will like it, some of you will hate it...

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Every few years we go through a homepage redesign and no matter how happy we are with it, once we put it out there it feels like the world is collapsing around us for 48 hours. We get angry emails from readers saying they’re never coming back again. Then after a couple day, the dust settles and people don’t recall what the last homepage even looked like.

We’ve been through five or six major site updates over the years to keep up with design trends, usability improvements, technology shifts (e.g. progressively  smaller screen sizes and increased mobile usage), etc. and while we should be used to the backlash every time, there are always a couple sleepless nights in there for us. 

I’m both thrilled and terrified to announce that we’ve finally released our new site which has been built from the groundup. It’s been months in the works and I’m pleased with how it turned out. Our former site was hanging together by a thread and after over 12 years of various developers of different standards, it became completely unmaintainable. It served us well, but it was time to rebuild. 

The new site will be quick. It will be optimised for mobile, but will still look beautiful on desktop (75% of our audience now comes from mobile devices, and that’s increasing every day). New content won’t disappear to the backpages so quickly. Old content will be easier to find. We’ll have one login for everything you do on the site (e.g. commenting, accessing the VeloClub Hub, Fantasy competition, etc). Photos and videos will still be big and beautiful. The content will still be the same, and will always strive to improve.

Understanding the layout

If you’re a frequent visitor of this site over the past few years you’ll already be familiar to the flow and the sections which haven’t changed much. The top area is where you’ll find a chronological listing of our most recent 20 stories. On desktop these will flow from the left side of the screen to the right and then cascade downwards. For mobile users, this won’t be much different than how you currently use the site on your device. All the content is stacked from top to bottom in chronological order. 

The majority of these stories on the top section will then drop down to their respective category blocks (News & Racing | Tech | Adventure | Photo Galleries | Videos | Podcasts) further down the page so you can access those full categories from there if you wish.

The Daily News Digest now has a section of it’s own on the homepage that aims to tell a little bit more about the stories inside each edition and to let it stand out a little more. For those who like to receive the Daily News Digest via email, you can find a sign-up link in each edition and we’ll send it to your inbox each day with no spoilers in the headline. 

In the top left hamburger menu you can access each of our main content categories, and you can also search for specific content there as well.

Have a poke around and we’ll be ironing out any bugs in the coming days. 

Love it or hate it – it was done for you

The design of the site was done by a good friend of mine who has done many things in the past for us at CyclingTips named Tom Clayton. You’ll see fonts that are easier to read, navigation is easier, layout is better for different types of content, and the entire experience should be better. 

I hope you like it, but I also know some of you will hate it. But please, give it a chance. It was designed with the best intentions in mind – to make it a better experience for everybody to enjoy. 

Thanks for reading and your feedback is welcome. There are things we’re still working on and we’re aware some minor things aren’t functioning properly yet.