Add a two-speed gearbox to your bike with Classified’s new wheelsets

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Classified Cycling first announced its trick Powershift wirelessly actuated two-speed rear gearbox hub to the world back in August, which offers the gearing flexibility of a two-chainring drivetrain combined with the packaging cleanliness of a 1x setup. Classified initially debuted the hub in an exclusive collaboration with Ridley on its new Kanzo Fast gravel bike, but now the company is offering it in a trio of pre-built disc-brake wheelsets that can be added to other makes and models as well.

Classified is offering the Powershift setup in two road wheelsets and one gravel wheelset, all with tubeless-compatible carbon fiber rims, 24 DT Swiss Aerolite SP bladed stainless steel spokes front and rear, and a DT Swiss 240 CL Straightpull front hub.

The road wheelsets are available in 50 mm and 35 mm-deep variants, each with 19 mm inner widths and 27 mm outer widths that are designed for 25-32 mm-wide tires. Claimed weight for the Classified CF R50 set is 1,415 g, while the shallower CF R35 set is a fair bit lighter at 1,315 grams.

The gravel-oriented Classified CF G30 sports a shallower, but wider, rim measuring 30 mm in depth. The 23 mm inner and 29.5 mm outer widths are designed to pair with 32-42 mm-wide tires, and claimed weight is 1,375 grams for the pair.

The G30 is aimed at gravel and all-road riding with its more generously proportioned 23 mm internal rim width.

It’s important to point out that these claimed weights do not include the two-speed rear hub internals, which Classified has designed as a separate drop-in cartridge, nor do the figures include the requisite proprietary thru-axle or any of the wireless hardware. Classified has thus far remained a bit coy on the precise weights of those bits, too, although the company has repeatedly stated that “the weight of the replaced components (front derailleur, small chainring, traditional hub, thru axle and cassette) is approximately the same as the weight of the components offered by Classified” — or potentially even a bit lighter.

Either way, all of Classified’s new wheelsets carry a retail price of €2,400 (prices for other currencies are to be confirmed) — which is arguably more than a little more expensive than recent high-end introductions from other companies, but keep in mind that this cost also bundles the proprietary cassette, that two-speed transmission, and all the associated bits (including the thru-axle wireless receiver, the bar-mounted handlebar transmitter, and a satellite shifter).

The modular design of Classified’s two-speed gearbox hub is quite clever, and could potentially minimize maintenance and repair headaches down the road.

Classified is offering all of these new wheelsets on a pre-order basis, with projected availability slated for March 2021 (but we’re still hoping to get some time on this thing before then!).

People interested in pre-ordering a set of Classified’s new wheels can do so at

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