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CyclingTips presents: De Stig, the must-see cycling documentary of the year

by CyclingTips

Four years ago, the professional cyclist Stig Broeckx was involved in a crash at the Tour of Belgium with two race motorcycles and nearly lost his life.

The then-26-year-old Belgian was taken to hospital with serious head injuries, including a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain, and was in a coma for months. At the time doctors feared he may never regain consciousness.

De Stig tells the story of Stig Broeckx’s grueling rehabilitation and journey back to life.

It’s the universally relatable tale of the bad luck of one young man, his endless perseverance and the positivity that allowed him to overcome the obstacles in front of him. It’s a story of unconditional love and support from his family and friends, and it’s a story of hope.

Even though many of us will never face circumstances as severe as Stig, we all struggle with life sometimes. There is a lesson in Stig’s contagious smile and positivity for all of us.

As CyclingTips contributing writer José Been puts it:

“Pick a good moment to watch the documentary. It will change your life. I guarantee you’ll find the inspiration and the motivation Stig so passionately wants to share. You see his fight, you see the pain of his family, the impact on everyone who holds him dear.”

There will be tears when you watch this but there will be admiration, motivation and most of all inspiration too. Share this movie with your friends and loved ones, even if they don’t like cycling. Stig’s story is a universal tale of the bad luck of one young man and his endless perseverance and positivity to overcome. It’s a story of unconditional love from his family and friends. It’s a story of hope and even though many of us won’t face something as severe as Stig, we all struggle with life sometimes.

There is a lesson in Stig’s contagious smile for all of us.

De Stig is a film that hits home for every single person who rides a bike. It’s a real life example of how vulnerable we are and how life can change in an instant. If you don’t shed a tear either from the sadness or the inspiring nature of Stig’s tale, you have a heart of stone.

Kick back on your couch and watch this on your biggest screen. We hope you enjoy this inspiring film as much as we did.

The film is pay-per view to support the film makers so they can keep producing these fantastic cycling documentaries.

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