Is your Canyon safe to ride indoors? Canyon updates trainer compatibility list

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Canyon is one of just a handful of bicycle brands that has explicitly advised against using a number of its bikes on stationary trainers in the past, and the company has just updated that list for the 2020-2021 winter season. According to Canyon, previous concerns have revolved around both the different types of stresses and loads placed on frames when they’re locked into place, as well as how trainers physically interact where they’re mounted.

“The most important factor is the mechanical interface between the trainer and the bike,” explained Canyon global communications manager Thorsten Lewandowski. “In easy words: the trainer and the bike have to fit together. For approved models, we have simulated and tested the load on the frame during trainer usage. On these models, we can confirm that the load generated during trainer usage will not cause any issue for the frame.”

According to Canyon, all models and model years of Aeroad, Endurace, Speedmax, Inflite, Grail, and Exceed models are all approved for indoor trainer use. Ultimate models are approved for disc-brake versions only, and all rim-brake versions of the current-generation Ultimate CF SL, CF SLX, and CFR are explicitly deemed incompatible with the Wahoo KICKR v5, the 2018 KICKR, and the KICKR Core (likely due to potential interference between the frame and trainer).

No e-bikes at all are approved.

As for models not explicitly mentioned, Canyon is taken a bit of a neutral approach.

“Other Canyon bikes are neither designed nor officially approved to be used with turbo trainers,” reads a warning on the company web site. “However, in our experience, all models can handle stationary training. Nevertheless, we do not conduct long-term turbo trainer testing on other bikes. So, for this reason, we cannot officially cover turbo trainer usage in the warranty for these bikes.”

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