Tailfin spreads its load-carrying wings with new convertible Cargo Cage

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Tailfin — the UK company behind that incredibly clever high-performance rear rack and bag system — is moving further into the cargo carrying space with its interpretation of the cargo cage.

Cargo cages have long been a staple in the bikepacking scene, and Tailfin’s version — simply called the Cargo Cage — is constructed more or less the way you’d expect from the company that created a lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum rear rack. Instead of welding its cage from solid aluminum rods, the Cargo Cage is CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, which Tailfin says makes the Cargo Cage not only lighter than the norm, but substantially stronger, too. Two lengths are available — 157 mm and 221 mm — both with generous 72 mm widths to accommodate bulkier and/or wider items.

Tailfin has also made its cage somewhat modular, with a removable “Load Chip” at the base of the body. When in place, it provides a firm foundation for shorter and/or hard-sided items like fuel bottles. But if you remove it, there’s more length available for things like tent poles and sleeping pads.

Tailfin’s Cargo Cage is premium in its construction, and clever in its modular design.

Multiple lashing points provide flexibility in how you strap down your gear regardless of how the cage is configured, and since the strap slots are discretely integrated into the shape of the cage, you shouldn’t have to worry much about the straps migrating along the length of the cage like you might with more conventional designs, either.

As promised, claimed weights for the Cargo Cage are quite impressive. Without the Load Chip in place, the small one supposedly weighs just 57 g, while the longer one is still only 79 g. Adding the Load Chip tacks on another 11 g. Despite the rack’s low weight, Tailfin says either one can handle up to 5 kg (11 lb) of load when ridden on roads, and 3 kg (6.6 lb) off-road.

The CNC-machined aluminum construction obviously adds to the cost of the Cargo Cage, but it makes it lighter than most other racks of this type, too.

But as expected, retail price for the Cargo Cage is more than standard setups at US$55 / £39 / €45 for the small version and US$60 / £45 / €50 for the large one (and the straps aren’t included). That’s roughly double the cost of Blackburn’s Outpost Cargo Cage, although Tailfin’s Cargo Cage is also about one-third the weight.

More information can be found at www.tailfin.cc.

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