To a brighter future, happy holidays and tailwinds in 2021

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As we round the final corner into the holiday season, all of us here at CyclingTips are looking forward to rolling to a stop, unclipping and taking a breather.

This year has been historically challenging for just about everyone on the planet, and it’s been no different for this community. But in the chaos swirling around us, many of us have found (or re-found) salvation in cycling. Even if our movement was curtailed, the bicycle represented escape.

The turbulence of – well, everything – had far-reaching impacts on the racing calendar, as well as the industry as a whole. But some things were a constant – we all love bikes, and love telling stories about them.

In the chaos swirling around us, many of us found salvation in cycling.

a 2020 wrap

In 2020, we published close to 2,000 articles – that’s a whole lot of news, tech, analysis, adventure, reflection and escapism.

On the tech front, we’ve conducted two massive Field Tests – a gravel-centric one in Sedona, Arizona and a road-oriented one in Bright, Australia which we’re excited to bring you early next year. We’ve written tomes about chain-waxing, become acquainted with BabyMakers, and reviewed everything from corkscrews to ebikes.

Racing was on-again and off-again, but somewhat improbably, it ended up being a pretty fantastic season. Over that time we reported from on the ground at the Tour de France, throughout the Australian summer, and at the ill-fated UAE Tour, and covered all the major beats outside of that remotely. And when the classics were postponed, we even found a way to let you imagine they weren’t.

Outside of that, we’ve been proud to break major stories – like the UCI’s dalliance with a dictator – and silly little ones. We’ve reported on Garmin’s woes, botched team takeovers, weird kit, and virtual Tours de France.

It was a big year for our stable of four podcasts, too – the CyclingTips Weekly, Nerd Alert, Freewheeling and From the Top. Meanwhile, our video crew put in a monster year despite limitations on product launches, racing, and even – at times – the ability to ride outside. Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube channel to keep up with all the latest.

This year the CyclingTips crew has grown with the additions of José Been, Abby Mickey, Ronan Mc Laughlin, Mike Better and Luke Oakley. We’ve also been proud to grow our VeloClub community, which inspires our writers to follow their muses, and provides invaluable stability and support.

VeloClub members receive our finest work of the year in print in our CyclingTips Annual, which is shipping now, as well as 20% off in the CyclingTips store (including our sweet new Rapha x CyclingTips collaboration kit). To learn more about membership, head here.

This year has felt a bit like pedalling into an eternal headwind, but we’re hoping that the winds shift in 2021. We’ll be taking it easy and things will be a bit quieter over the next week or so, but we’ll be back and firing on all cylinders early in the new year.

Until then, safe riding, a restful holiday season, and our sincere thanks for your company this year.

How did we do in 2020? What stories did you love? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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