What’s more Canadian than a bear saying sorry? Ice bikes

While many of us have tried ice skating and all of us have ridden a bike, what do you do if it's just too icy to ride? Calgary has the answer.

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by City of Calgary

In need of some winter training but sick of indoor riding? Roads too icy to ride, but don’t know how to skate? Well, fear not, the city of Calgary in Canada has just launched “Ice Biking”.

What is ice biking you ask? Ice bikes are bikes which have had the front wheel replaced by an ice skate, the rear wheel surrounded by more skates and all built onto a wide surrounding body to ensure stability. The idea is simple: pedal the bike as per normal and enjoy all the fun of ice skating even if you’re not an avid skater.

Having been inspired by ice bikes in Switzerland, the City of Calgary set about bringing ice biking to Canada and now has a fleet of 10 bikes for hire.

While not quite a city bike scheme, the City of Calgary has set up a hire scheme for the bikes and a 1.5 km track to cycle / skate around. For CA$12 you can Ice Bike for 30 minutes or CA$20 will get you 60 minutes.

For more information visit Calgary.ca

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