LOCKDOWN by Albert Gallego submitted for the professional category in the 2020 Mark Gunter Photo Competition.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Outlandish safety claims and a better way to Zwift

by Abby Mickey

photography by Albert Gallego

The Nerds gather for the first podcast of the new year and it does not take long for things to get spicy! We discuss the lawsuit filed against Trek and Bontrager for their allegedly outlandish claims regarding WaveCel helmet technology efficacy, the way ZwiftHub is out-Zwifting Zwift in a few key ways, and the pros and cons of Sea Otter’s recent announcement that they’re moving the show (at least for 2021) all the way back to October instead of April.

Finally, in our Ask a Mechanic segment, Caley and Zach reaffirm their disapproval of chain waxing (Dave and James are still fans), we provide some ideas on how to keep your bike from corroding into nothingness in harsh winter conditions, and debate the wisdom of drilling holes in your frame and fork (spoiler: it’s a bad idea).

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