Titanum titanium: these 69-gram pedals are the lightest we’ve seen

German brand Titanium will soon launch scary light titanium pedals on kickstarter.

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Pedals have long been a conundrum for many a weight weenie. Most of us have a platform of choice that we’re reluctant to stray from, but a change could slice off precious gram savings. Speedplay Nanograms are the lightest pedals I am aware of, and the most exotic I have ever had the pleasure to ride. Could that be about to change?

Introducing the yet-to-be-named, titanium-axle, 3D-printed titanium body pedals with titanium cleats from the German brand, Titanum… That’s a lot of titanium for one sentence. Weighing in at a scary light 69g combined weight for pedal and cleat, these are certainly the lightest setup I have ever seen.

While the pedals pictured here are a prototype, Titanum is confident the pedals will be ready for delivery in “Q2 2021”. In the meantime, Rico de Wert of Titanum has shared with us some of the nitty-gritty details on these true weight weenie gems.

A deconstructed view of the super light titanium pedals and cleats.

The pedals will be available with either a stainless steel or titanium axle and both versions will get the same 3D printed titanium bodies, so axles should be upgradable. Titanum will use needle bearings for load and cartridge bearings for lateral position, and each pedal gets a grease port.

The two-bolt cleat option is pictured here and Titanum is currently finalising the exact design of their three-bolt shoe cleat option. For now, Titanum has chosen to offer 6° of float and the pedals have a release angle of less than 14°.

The pedals should be suited to almost any riding style or rider, with Titanum claiming a mud-shedding, easy clip in / clip out design, with high cornering clearance and no rider weight limit.

Pricing for the titanium version is predicted to be around the €300 mark, with pricing on the stainless option yet to be determined.

A Kickstarter campaign will be announced soon and we also expect a prototype version to be with us soon for testing.

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