Video: Cape to Cape, a must-watch documentary about one incredible ride

Freezing rain, searing heat, illness, personal conflict, mob violence – this is one hell of a cycling adventure.

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On September 8, 2019, ultra-endurance riders Jonas Deichmann and Philipp Hympendahl set off from the North Cape of Norway — Europe’s northernmost point — and started riding south. Their goal: to reach Cape Town in South Africa in under 75 days and break the world record (102 days) for the fastest unsupported continental crossing by bicycle.

We’ve previously shared a photo essay and collection of diary entries from the pair’s journey, but if you haven’t read that article (or if you have, but can’t remember what happened) I won’t spoil it for you now. Instead I’ll point you towards ‘Cape to Cape’ the documentary film you can see at the top of this post. Created by filmmakers Pasi Sauna-Aho and Pal Laukli, this remarkable film documents the pair’s record attempt and all the ups and downs they encountered along the way.

It’s an honest and eye-opening account of the fierce determination that’s required to ride 250 km a day for weeks on end, without breaks, and the toll that takes on one’s body and mind, especially when things don’t go to plan. Cape to Cape documents the many challenges Jonas and Philipp experienced as they made their way south, including personal conflict between the pair, the frigid cold of the Arctic Circle, the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert, unsafe (and seemingly endless) motorways in Russia, maddening bureaucracy, and even a brush with mob violence in Ethiopia.

You can watch the trailer for Cape to Cape at the top of this page. If you like what you see, you can rent a copy for US$6.19/AU$7.97 or buy a copy for US$12.19/AU$15.70. You won’t be disappointed.

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