Brew Review: Scott Centric Plus helmet

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Welcome to a new series for 2021, the Brew Review. A review in the time it takes to brew a good cup of coffee. I know you’re a busy cyclist, but at the same time looking for a bit of insight.

We get quite a bit of kit through the revolving CT doors here. Some of it outstanding, other bits good and some just not worth a mention. In this new video series, I’m going to be aiming to cover a plethora of goodies, not just the high-end items and big-ticket products. Yes, I’m sure there will be a smattering of that stuff, but in all honesty, I want the Brew Review series to be a place where you look if you’ve got a spare bit of cash burning a hole in your jersey pocket, a place where you can look to for advice on items that generally need replacing every few years or so. I’ll review things that you’ll want to use every day, every season and on every ride, or at least that’s the aim.

And as for the name, Brew Review. Well, I’m going to try and keep the videos short snappy and to the point. I’ll keep them to the sort of length of time it takes to put the kettle on, get the biscuits out and get the brew ready.

So to kick off the series I thought I’d start at the top with a helmet that has taken my fancy over the past few months—the all-new Scott Centric Plus.

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