Goodyear adds new gravel tire models and sizes, goes deeper with tanwall

Gravel tire collection grows from four to fourteen

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Goodyear’s collection of gravel tire tread designs has grown by one with the addition of the Peak, a more open-treaded pattern adapted from the mountain bike tire of the same name. The Peak is the most XC-oriented of that bunch, though, and so the relatively low-profile knobs, the ramped leading edges, and tight spacing are still meant to help reduce rolling resistance while improving traction on looser surfaces. 

The new gravel-focused Peak is being offered solely in a 700x40c size with a 120 tpi “Tubeless Complete” casing. Claimed weight is “to be determined”, and retail price is US$64 / £43 / €50.

The Peak tread design is adapted from the company’s mountain bike collection, but in sizes that are better suited for drop-bar bikes.

The versatile Connector and the more smoothly treaded County gravel models carry over, but Goodyear is adding a bunch of new sizes to both. 

Whereas the Connector was originally only offered in a 700x40c size, there’s now a 700x35c for riders that want something a little narrower and lighter, plus new 700x50c and 650x50c options for riders that want more volume. Meanwhile, the County used to only come in 700x35c, but now there’s a 700x40c and 650x50c as well. 

The County features a smooth-rolling center tread with a progressively more aggressive shoulder that should play well on poorly paved tarmac and light-duty dirt.

All of the gravel tires are offered exclusively with Tubeless Complete 120 tpi casings.

Claimed weight for the 700x40c Connector is 515 g; weight for the County is TBD. Retail price is US$64 / £43 / €50 for either.

I have to admit, at least on this bike, tan sidewalls look pretty sweet.

Finally, in a move that’ll surprise pretty much no one, Goodyear has also added more tan sidewall variants across the board. Weights and prices for those are unchanged from the blackwall versions.

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