Hunt expands Limitless Aero Disc range with 60 version

Hunt claims the new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheel is the third fastest in its category.

by Dave Rome

photography by Rupert Fowler - Hunt Bike Wheels

It was a couple of years ago that consumer-direct wheel company Hunt made a splash in the aerodynamic wheel game with its 48 Limitless Aero Disc hoops. These were some of the first wheels to take advantage of the fact that disc brakes allowed a wholly new approach to rim design, and in turn, the company pushed the external width out to an extreme 34.5 mm to better fit with the wider tyre trend. Since then we’ve seen other performance wheels follow with such extreme widths, such as Roval’s Rapide CLX.

Now, the British company has announced a new, deeper 60 mm version of this wheel, one which offers all the same features and competitive pricing but with a further step up in aerodynamic efficiency. And as we’ve come to expect from Hunt, the release comes with a refreshingly honest white paper detailing that while this new wheel is competitively fast in its category, it’s not the fastest. 

A quick intro to the Limitless 60

The new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheel is effectively a 12 mm deeper replica of the 48 Limitless (something we’ve covered in-depth before, and currently have a set of for review). The two wheels share the same patented idea of low-density foam as filler material in order to save weight compared to an entirely carbon construction. Equally, Hunt has kept both the internal and external rim widths consistent at 21 and 34 mm respectively, while retaining a hooked rim bed for use with either clincher or tubeless tyres. 

Expect to see the new 60 Limitless in use by Team Qhubeka-Assos.

That extra rim depth of course adds some weight, with Hunt claiming the 60s sits at 1,669 grams for the pair, some 50 g more than the 48s. That extra material also bumps the price by a smidge. Hunt is selling the 60 Limitless with a choice of either Ezo steel bearings (£1,169 / US$1,519 | €1,379) or fancy CeramicSpeeds (£1,429 / US$1,859 / €1,689).

The rest of the wheel is the same as the Limitless 48, including the use of Pillar elliptical spokes and Hunt’s Sprint hubs (something we covered in a recent review of the 34 Aero Wide Disc Alloy wheels).

Where it stacks up 

Hunt’s latest white paper is dedicated to the aerodynamic testing results of this new wheel, and details how it compares against other similar-depth wheels in the category under Mavic’s weighted yaw angle distribution. With 28 mm Schwalbe Pro One tyres fitted, the 60 Limitless finished in third spot behind the Enve SES 5.6 and Roval Rapide CLX.

Hunt’s white papers are often quite informative about where other top choices sit, at least with how they’ve conducted their test. Keep in mind that the wind tunnel, tyre choice, and the bike the wheels are in can all greatly impact where each of these wheels rank.

While the measured differences between Hunt and its competitors are quite marginal, it’s also worth noting that outright speed isn’t the sole goal of the Limitless range. One of Hunt’s main design criteria was crosswind stability. That stability equation is undoubtedly on its way to being the next big buzz term in aero cycling wheels, and Hunt is joined by the likes of Zipp, Roval and DT Swiss in the pursuit of making fast wheels better-mannered and easier to control. Currently, most companies are keeping their stability data and test methods close to their chests.

Not covered in the white paper is how the new deeper 60 mm wheel rates against the original 48 Limitless. Hunt is currently working on such a report and teased the data you see below. Whether the speed gains are worth it will depend on how you prioritise aerodynamics compared with stability and weight.

Hunt’s new 60 Limited Aero Disc versus the shallower 48 Limited Aero Disc.

The wheels are available for pre-order now with delivery expected at the end of April. You can find more information at

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