Maxxis announces updated High Road tyre range

Lighter, faster and more puncture resistant tyre from Maxxis.

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Maxxis has announced an update to its flagship High Road range of road tyres. The new tyre has been upgraded in a number of key areas with Maxxis saying the result is a lighter and faster-rolling tyre.

Available in both clincher and tubeless, the new tyre gets an increased thread count boosted from 120 TPI on the outgoing version, to 170 TPI on the new High Road. Maxxis says this increased TPI results in a 2% decrease in rolling resistance and a 12-15% decrease in tube-type tyre weights with the 25 mm and 28 mm options weighing in at a claimed 185 g and 205 g respectively.

The new tubeless tyres are said to have an improved ride quality courtesy of a more supple casing and improved air retention. The weight of the tubeless version remains similar to its predecessor, with the 25 mm weighing in at 285 g while the 28 mm tips the scales at 315 g.

The new Maxxis High Road. Photo: Alonso Tal

Maxxis has redesigned the tread pattern on the new tyre to include a finely textured casing for improved traction in the dry, and a new shoulder design to improve grip while cornering in the wet. The range also features a new liquid crystal polymer fibre “ZK” layer, which was designed to improve puncture resistance and replaces the K2 layer on the previous version. Maxxis is claiming a 7% increase in puncture resistance, although it is unclear how this was measured.

The new High Road retains the HYPR compound used in the previous version, a compound that is said to offer increased traction and contribute to the lower rolling resistance of the High Road range.

The new High Road range is available now in either 25 or 28 mm variants. Pricing is to be confirmed.

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