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MIPS’ new product range better defines its brain-protecting technologies

New range of five classes provides better differentiation between Mips offerings, making it easier to choose which is right for you.

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Multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) is not a new technology. For the better part of a decade helmet manufacturers have been including the system which allows a helmet to slide relative to the head upon impact, reducing harmful rotational energies. The technology now features in 583 helmet models from 103 brands.

MIPS, the Swedish company bearing the same name as the technology it developed, has now launched a new product range to better define its range and classify the added technology within the MIPS-equipped helmets on the market.

MIPS had previously used more broad categories for its technology, namely Sports, Moto, and Industrial Safety. The new range consists of five classes: Essential, Evolve, Integra, Air, and Elevate. In combination with new hangtags on every helmet featuring MIPS technology, the new classifications will assist consumers in selecting a helmet which best suits their requirements.

The entry point onto the MIPS range is the Essential, providing a robust introduction to the MIPS protection. From there the range expands and is demarcated by increased comfort, ventilation, improved fit and lower weight. The Essential, Evolve, Integra and Air classes will be found in cycling helmets, while the new Elevate system is designed to be integrated into hard-hat safety helmets.

The new range and classification of the MIPS options is a step towards a more consumer-centric brand identity and part of MIPS’ ongoing work to empower consumers to make informed helmet choices.

More information can be found on Mipsprotection.com

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