BikeExchange to match women’s team minimum salary with men’s

BikeExchange is following in Trek-Segafredo's footsteps.

by Matt de Neef

photography by BikeExchange

Team BikeExchange is increasing the minimum salaries for its women’s team to match those of its men’s team.

New recruit Teniel Campbell broke the news in an interview with The Cycling Podcast Féminin this week.

“For me now I can support my family back home, I can invest in my future, I can do more things now with the extra cash,” said the 23-year-old from Trinidad & Tobago. “We put in the same amount of work as the guys, we are dedicated and committed just as much as the guys, we put our life on the life just as the guys, so it’s really a good thing.”

The UCI introduced a minimum wage for Women’s WorldTour teams in 2020, with the amount increasing from €15,000 in 2020, to €20,000 in 2021, through €27,500 in 2022, to the same as men’s Professional Continental teams in 2023.

As a WorldTour team, the BikeExchange men’s team is required to pay a minimum wage of €32,400 for neo-pros and €40,045 for non-neo-pros.

BikeExchange is the second outfit to match minimum wages between its women’s and men’s teams in this way. In late January Trek-Segafredo announced it had increased the wages of its women’s team, saying it didn’t want to wait for the UCI to mandate an increase.

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