Ashley Gruber in the Dolomites.

CyclingTips Podcast: International Women’s Day Special

To celebrate, Abby called up Elorie Slater, marketing manager at Pivot Bikes, and Luisa Grappone, engineer at Hunt Wheels.

by Abby Mickey

photography by Jered Gruber

Happy International Women’s Day!

Over the past couple of years, the number of female-identifying cyclists has grown. More women are finding cycling, the joy and the freedom that accompanies hopping on a bike and taking off on an adventure. What continues to bring more women to cycling is the community, the atmosphere that comes along with riding a bike.

To get a sense of where the cycling industry stands when it comes to female-identifying cyclists Abby chatted with two women who are immersed in the industry.

Elorie Slater, marketing manager of Pivot Cycles, has put a lot of thought into how to get more female-identifying riders on bikes. Through her experience at a bike shop and within the marketing world of cycling she has connected with other cycling companies to put aside their differences and band together to make cycling a more inclusive and welcome environment.

Luisa Grappone, an aerospace engineer for Hunt bike wheels, came to the cycling industry after working on planes. She has a unique perspective of being a woman in a male dominate field.

We at CyclingTips are proud to bring more women’s voices in front of the cycling world and continue to work towards growing cycling to include everyone who loves bikes, just like us.

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