CyclingTips Podcast: Would you lease a road bike?

There is a lot of racing to discuss this week, between Opening Weekend in Belgium, the UAE Tour and more. Plus, James called up DASH Rides, a company in the UK with a bike subscription program.

by Abby Mickey

photography by Kristof Ramon

This week on the CyclingTips podcast…

There was a lot of races to discuss, between the Opening Weekend in Belgium, a small race in France, and the finale of the UAE Tour.

Dane and Abby debate the best transfer of the women’s peloton.

For this week’s Nerd Nugget segment, James called up Jamie Milroy of DASH Rides in the UK to talk about their bike subscription program. The concept of leasing instead of buying a bike is one that has been discussed on the podcast before, so we dive into it a little deeper. 

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