Kask offers aero and thermoregulation gains with new Wasabi helmet

Kask's new helmet focuses on some marginal gains, but aerodynamics is not top of the list

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Eagle-eyed viewers of Strade Bianche at the weekend might have spotted a new helmet from Kask on the heads of some Ineos Grenadiers riders. Rumours circulated online the new helmet was an update of the popular Kask Infinity

Fast forward three days and Kask has officially given another sneak peek of the new helmet. Although the new helmet retains the Infinity’s key feature, the sliding open/close vent, the Infinity name has not made a comeback. Instead, the new helmet is named the Wasabi… Yes, the name had us wondering also.

Kask has described the new helmet as “a high-performance cycling helmet designed to be worn in all seasons by road, gravel and cyclocross riders.”

Kask designed the new helmet in collaboration with the Ineos Grenadiers team, so, as you might expect, marginal gains played a role in the helmet’s design. 

However, thermoregulation was the primary focus for Kask, with aerodynamics being the secondary goal for the Wasabi. That said, the Wasabi is still said to offer an aero advantage over more traditional designs and Kask claims it is the company’s second-fastest helmet behind the Utopia.

According to Kask, the adjustable front vent on the Wasabi “ensures temperature regulation like no other helmet.” Kask designed the adjustable vent to offer the rider airflow adjustability for varying temperatures. Opening the vent in warmer conditions, increasing airflow, results in just a claimed one-watt drag increase at 50 km/h. With the vent closed for colder conditions, riders can benefit from a 1.5°c temperature increase inside the helmet, when ridden at the same speed. 

The new helmet also features a merino wool lining, which is said to further protect against uncomfortable temperatures. 

Kask has stuck with its Octo-fit retention system used in some of its other helmets. The Octo-fit system offers both vertical and horizontal fit adjustment. 

As we heard when James reviewed the Mojito 3 last year, “To date, Kask does not believe in MIPS technology,” and this has not changed for the new Wasabi. Kask does say its tests helmets safety “far beyond the mandatory industry standards” and that “the Wasabi has been rigorously tested against both linear and rotational impacts at an independent laboratory, striking flat and angled surfaces.” 

Diego Zambon, General Manager at KASK said“The Wasabi is the result of continuous and careful innovation that we are committed to as a brand. We are excited to introduce to our collection a helmet that is truly designed to be worn in all seasons and terrains, and we look forward to watching how its active ventilation and thermoregulating capabilities meet the demands of road cyclists, gravel and cyclocross riders everywhere.”

The new helmet is said to weigh 290g for a size medium. Kask has not yet announced colour options or availability dates.  


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