Rapha’s Women’s All-Day Leggings and Shorts are for cycling and not cycling

Rapha's new offerings are said to offer comfort and versatility ... like casual wear?

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Rapha has announced two new additions to its women’s clothing range: All-Day Leggings and All-Day Shorts. As the name suggests, Rapha designed these new items for all-day use both on and off the bike.

The new items use soft, high-stretch material, which is sweat-wicking and quick-drying for versatility and comfort. To create this versatility Rapha has opted not to include a chamois insert in the new range. While a chamois would add comfort on the bike, it would create unwanted bulk for off-the-bike activities.

The new shorts and leggings get a slightly higher back to ensure the rider’s lower back is covered while cycling. The front gets a higher waist with a low-profile bonded finish for on-bike comfort.

Rapha has cleverly hidden a high-vis and reflective panel beneath a cuff of the leggings, designed to be folded out to add visibility or hidden away while off the bike.

The cuff can be concealed while off the bike, or flipped up for visibility on the bike.

Both the leggings and shorts get a side pocket for easy access to essentials.

Much like the Explore Pullover Rapha launched last autumn, these new items further blur the lines between casual and cycling wear. Couple that with the “City Collection” and it seems clear Rapha has intentions of following in the footsteps of other athletic brands, expanding outward from its original core cycling consumer to compete with the likes of Lululemon.

Both the All-Day Tights and Leggings are available now in three colours: black, navy/dark navy, and purple/violet.

The All-Day Leggings are priced at US$110 / AU$140 / £80 / €95, while the shorts retail at US$80 / AU$105 / £60 / €70.

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