Remco Evenepoel shows how not to hold a pizza box (if you don't want a calzone).

Remco Evenepoel is the new face of Pizza Hut

The Belgian superstar has bitten into a five-year endorsement deal with the pizza chain.

by Iain Treloar

photography by PIzza Hut

Remco Evenepoel – speedy bicycle cyclist, pelvis smasher, alcohol-free beer abstainer – has inked a multi-year deal with Pizza Hut Belgium as the chain’s new ambassador.

In a tweet linked to a press release, Evenepoel showcased a couple of shots of the moment that the two icons forged their “tasty collaboration”. While the deal is presumably lucrative, the Belgian star has not disclosed exactly how much dough he made.

Evenepoel’s pen hovers over Clause 3.2.4: Evenepoel (henceforth “The Ambassador”) shall be entitled to no more than four (4) gratis Family-Sized Pizzas and two (2) units of Spicy Chicken Poppers per day of the duration of this agreement.

As the press release informs us, Pizza Hut is “the tastiest pizza chain in Belgium” – more of an indictment of Belgian cuisine than anything else – and is known as a place where “families and friends can dine together”. That brings heavy nostalgia for the childhood halcyon days of All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Hut dine-ins in Australia (since whittled down to just 11 restaurants nationwide), but Belgium is a more advanced civilisation that has held onto the good stuff. 

The RemcoHut collaboration encourages consumers to “find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and pampering yourself every now and then”. Perhaps aware of the oddness of signing a standard bearer of a sport that has an unhealthy relationship with food, Pizza Hut was quick to point to the less coagulated sectors of its “very extensive menu”, which includes “salads … several veggie options… and [the] recently launched vegan Beyond pizza.” 

The Ambassador gazes into middle distance, enormous fists balled on the table, dreaming wistfully of Pizza Hut’s decadent dessert range.

Otherwise, the Pizza Hut menu looks pretty familiar to my pre-teen recollections – albeit with some regional quirks, like the sour cream and sliced cheese Grimbergen, the pineapple-heavy Sweet Chicken Curry, and something called a Cheesam. 

As for Remco, he seems pretty stoked on the five-year deal, which will see him appear in TV commercials along with going full-press on social media.

“Of course I have to pay attention to what I eat,” Evenepoel noted yearningly, “but I also need relaxation and good food. Then I dare to order a pizza from Pizza Hut.” 

Seeing as Pizza Hut Belgium has a tuna and black olive pizza on its menu, that may be more daring than it first sounds.

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