Sidi’s limited edition Sixty road shoes are a riot of colour

A burst of colour from a brand that's often stuck to monochromatic options.

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Founded in 1960, Sidi has been making high-end, Euro-styled shoes since cycling was still in black and white – a theme that has tended to follow in the Italian company’s oft-monochromatic footwear.

With the brand’s limited-release Sixty road shoes, however, Sidi has burst into glorious colour.  

Apart from the astounding colour-scheme – a Rorschachian ink-blot motif in overlapping shades of red, blue and yellow – the shoes are otherwise identical to the standard Sixty. That means that they’re made in Italy, and feature Sidi’s proprietary symmetrical Tecno-4 fastening mechanism, along with a super tech-y velcro strap. 

The sole is constructed of carbon fibre, finished in a 3k weave “oriented at opposing angles that maximize stiffness while allowing for a small degree of controlled flex in the toe area,” which is something of a departure from the propensity of rival manufacturers to dial up the stiffness of their shoes like a Spinal Tap amp (only, it now goes up to 15). Weight is around 260 g per piece in a size 42.5.

All of the pads on the soles are replaceable, which is a promising sign for a long lifespan. And given they’re unlikely to be a screaming bargain, you’d certainly hope to get a few years out of them. While details of availability and pricing are light-on at the moment, the standard Sixtys come in at around €350 (~US$420 / AU$540). 

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