Spotlight: Lezyne Strip Drive Pro rear light review

One seriously bright daytime-running rear light.

by Dave Rome

photography by Dave Rome

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I’m a long-time believer in riding with day-time-running lights, and given they’re a safety-related product, I’m constantly on the hunt for something better. I recently bought myself the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro, a mid-priced rear light that’s the equal-brightest option in the company’s extensive range. It’s impressed me enough that I thought I’d share it. 

Lezyne claims the Strip Drive Pro offers a peak output of 300 lumens, and while I don’t have the measuring equipment to confirm this, I can confirm that the five LEDs pack a punch that can be seen from a long way away (and with surprisingly good side visibility, too). My usual go-to rear light is a previous-generation Bontrager Flare R, and the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro is noticeably more blinding to look at.

In its brightest day-flashing mode the light is claimed to last for five hours, while less-bright settings will go noticeably longer. There are a total of 11 modes, and while that feels like too many when you’re clicking through them, the light thankfully remembers and reverts to the mode you last used.   

First released in 2019, the Strip Drive Pro recently received a small refinement that moved it from an integrated USB stick to a more traditional cable-based Micro USB port for charging. This port is sealed by a large rubber cap that provides a robust seal and a reassuring “pop” when opening. 

Most often it’s the mounting bracket that lets down otherwise good lights, but thankfully Lezyne has kept things simple with a strong co-moulded build that’s held in place with a replaceable band strap (an 0-ring could be used, too). The light angle is fixed and, strapped in place, it retains a narrow 36 mm profile that avoids leg rub.

The rubber backing is flexible and deep, shaped to handle both skinny aero seatposts and regular round posts, and included is a rubber chock/wedge for use on flat-backed seatposts (D-shaped). In my experience, the light fits best with seatpost shapes that don’t require this wedge. There is no angle adjustment available.   

Lezyne also offers this light with an “Alert” feature which uses an accelerometer to brighten the light upon sudden braking. This feature adds US$5 / AU$10.

Weight: 62 g (with mounting strap)
Price: US$55 / AU$90
More info: 

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