The big, stuck ship is blocking bikes, too

Canyon has at least one container aboard the stuck ship

by Caley Fretz

The Ever Given, wedged between two sandy banks of sadness and backing up some ten billion dollars worth of goods every day, may indeed contain on its immobile deck a shipping container containing your new bicycle.

At the very least, there are lots of new bikes and bike parts stuck behind it.

By now, you’ve certainly heard of the Ever Given, a 400-meter long container ship that is currently lodged sideways across the Suez Canal, one of the primary arteries between Europe and Asia, responsible for roughly 10% of global trade. It’s been stuck there so long that other ships are starting to turn south around the horn of Africa.

Our friends over at Pinkbike rang up some industry contacts to see if any bike shipments currently sit on the deck of the Ever Given.

The answer? Yep.

“Yes, one of our shipments is loaded on the “Ever Given” and there are several shipments blocked on vessels which cannot pass the Suez canal,” a representative of Canyon told Pinkbike. “This will cause a delayed ETD in Rotterdam and will lead to a bottleneck in the harbour. Currently they have no ships to unload.”

The whole situation is making for some great memes, at least.

For the full story, including a broader discussion of the industry’s current availability crisis, head over to Pinkbike.