The Tipping Point, a ‘thank you’ letter to winter

To wet arses and slick corners and nasty headwinds, a thank you.

by Caley Fretz

From a crew of lifelong mountain bikers who have recently discovered the world of gravel, The Tipping Point is a ‘thank you’ letter to the winter.

From the creators:

As cyclists, we noticed a clear shift. Any traces of autumn take a bow and we’re left with winter in its purest form. The woods turn to deep, dark, earthy shades and seem devoid of life. Temperatures and traction drop hand-in-hand and rides seem to be first and foremost about escaping the house with anything beyond that considered a bonus. Autumn is long gone, spring is nowhere to be seen.

It’s in that deepest and darkest chapter of the winter that we really found a certain special something. Numb fingers, wet arses, frozen toes but plenty of rewards alongside, albeit hard earned ones.

And so, we created The Tipping Point as a little tribute to everything we as cyclists have experience in the winter and to welcome in the Spring.

The Tipping Point was created as a not-for-profit passion project using the shared talents of a group of cyclists and creatives from Bristol, UK.


Written by: Jamie Edwards
Spoken By: Jules Clayton

Rider: Fergus Ryan
Co-Director/Cinematographer: Dominic John
Co-Director/Producer: Jamie Edwards

Gimbal Operators: Olly JelleyJacob Gibbins
Stills Photographer: Jacob Gibbins

Colourist: John Rogers
Sound Design & Mix: Joe Simmons / Lab Grown Music

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