Velosamba? Shut up and take my money, Adidas

The iconic Samba design is now available in a cycling shoe.

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Three months ago Adidas made a long-awaited return to the cycling shoe game with a classy-looking offering it named simply the “Road Cycling Shoe“.

At the time of the launch, Adidas’ vice president of specialist sports, Celine Del Genes, said that the shoes represented “the first step of our long-term journey towards creating a range of products that enhance the cycling experience.”

Adidas has now announced the next step in that long-term journey: the Velosamba. In perhaps the most obvious yet best business decision of 2021 so far, Adidas has recreated the iconic Samba design in a cycling shoe, meaning you can now commute without compromising style.

The classic Samba shoes stretch back to 1949 when Adidas created the original shoe to help footballers train on ice and hard surfaces. With over 35 million sales worldwide, the Samba is the second-best-selling shoe design of all time.

The Velosamba closely resembles the classic Samba shoe, but has cycling credentials hidden within.

The Velosamba gets some neat upgrades for on and off the bike. The rubber sole gets a full-length reinforced internal plate with two-bolt cleat compatibility for pedalling efficiency on the bike and easy walking off it. The famous three stripes on the uppers and the heel upper get the reflective treatment to help with visibility. The shoe leather gets a coating to protect against damp conditions, although Adidas has not stated precisely what sort of treatment.

Adidas is offering the Velosamba in four colours: cream white, core black, acid yellow, and crew navy. Perhaps most importantly for a truly retro cycling style, the Velosamba retains the tan wall soles of the original Samba design.

No words needed.

Adidas says the Velosamba is for city rides or indoor training. While the new shoes fall short on many aspects of what makes a good indoor cycling shoe, they more than make up for that with retro style.

No doubt the classic Samba design will prove a hit with cyclists, but is Adidas late to its own party? Custom shoe designers have been recreating classic Adidas designs and reporting massive demand for the retro look. Will Adidas’ next step in the “long-term journey” be a premium road racing shoe?

The Velosamba range is available now at, priced at £100. International pricing is TBC.

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