Video: ‘Pray for Speed’, an ode to fast and fearless descending

For Brian 'Safa' Wagner, fast descents are the ultimate way to have fun on the bike.

by Matt de Neef

Brian “Safa” Wagner isn’t particularly interested in structured training or the way self-imposed suffering is glorified in cycling. He’s more interested in bombing fast descents at breakneck speed and having a blast in the process.

The bike messenger and fixed-gear crit racer has made a name for himself with his hair-raising videos, not least his Descent Disciples series, which includes the truly bonkers video you can see below.

Safa’s latest film is called ‘Pray for Speed’ and it documents a roadtrip he took through Southern California in search of the fastest descents in the area. You can see the film at the top of this article.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend following in Safa’s tyre tracks when you’re descending, but there’s something engaging about watching such a skilled (and fearless) descender tip the bike over in search of maximum speed.

Safa is releasing a standalone, full-descent video for each of the three descents featured in ‘Pray for Speed’. The first of those, from Mt. San Jacinto, can be found below. The others will follow in the next week or so.

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