4iiii wants to buy your old left crank and recycle it as a power meter

Got a Shimano left crank sitting around? 4iiii might just pay you for it.

by Dave Rome

Landing on Earth Day (April 22), power meter company 4iiii has introduced a new buyback policy focussed on recycling left-side Shimano road crank arms. 

Currently limited to those in North America, 4iiii’s new buyback policy is offering between US$30-US$45 for your used (and hopefully currently unused) Shimano 105 (5800 and 7000 series), Ultegra (6800 and 8000 series), or Dura-Ace (9000 and 9100 series) left-side crank arm. Cranks with minor scratches and scuffs are being accepted. 

The company plans to clean, test and then install a 4iiii power meter on the crank to then resell it as a refurbished left-hand power meter.   

Those who meet the buyback criteria will be given a postage-paid label to get the crank back to 4iiii’s headquarters. Upon receiving the crank, the Canadian-based company will then pay you cash (via PayPal) or donate to your selected charity. 

Of course, repurposing used products is an environmentally responsible initiative, and we applaud 4iiii for the effort. However it’s also impossible to ignore the supply issues that likely played a huge role in the creation of this buyback program. When the world’s largest bike companies are struggling to even get chains, you can bet a company like 4iiii is currently cruising along Struggle Street in sourcing the bread for its butter. 

You can find more information at 4iiii.com.

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