‘Cracked Earth’ is a cycling film that deserves your funding

A Kickstarter campaign to create a film about climate change's impact on the places we ride.

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Shift Cycling Culture is a small team of enthusiasts with the goal of bringing the worldwide cycling community together in positive climate action. The not-for-profit foundation believes film can be the medium to reach and engage with more like-minded cyclists. With that in mind, the team set about creating a documentary. They’ve now released a trailer for that documentary, and launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund its completion.

‘Cracked Earth’ captures the lives of cyclists living in vulnerable areas around the globe where climate change is no longer a future challenge but a daily threat. With extreme droughts, floods, landslides, and rising sea levels, the documentary shows the real impact of climate change today.

The team at Shift Cycling Culture hasn’t beaten about the bush – the film tackles head-on the worries of cyclists from these vulnerable areas. Cracked Earth hopes to engage with cyclists around the globe who believe in change and who can unite to step up in the fight against climate change.

But the team needs your help! Shift’s passion is clear to see and with the help of friends and donations from Pedaled and Komoot, the film is over halfway complete. However, the team needs to raise funds for the post-production and distribution of the finished article.

The funding target of roughly US$15,000 is the very minimum needed to complete the film. The team hopes to raise more; enough to share the project far and wide to engage, educate and create more climate awareness with local screenings and additional action tools. Should the crowdfunding hit 50% more than the target, the team at Shift will direct all remaining funds to other community engagement projects as listed on its website.

Shift is asking for our help in supporting this film and in sharing the fundraiser to unite the cycling community to step up in this climate crisis; a crisis that is happening in all our backyards.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live here. For more information visit ShiftCyclingCulture.com

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