CyclingTips Podcast: The Muddy Waters of Arkansas

James spoke with longtime cycling industry advocate Chris DiStefano about the political situation in Arkansas and why it is relevant to cycling.

by CyclingTips

photography by Kristof Ramon

As much as we’d like to “stay in our lane”, sometimes circumstances compel us to venture outside of it, like right now.

The situation regarding trans rights in Arkansas may seem like a purely political topic, but it does actually affect the cycling community as a whole, so it’s worth all of us talking about it. What should be done here? What shouldn’t be done? How should you navigate the situation so you can decide for yourself? Why should you care?

There are no easy answers to this, but in this conversation with longtime cycling industry advocate (and PR/marketing veteran) Chris DiStefano, maybe we can all at least figure out a way to somehow move forward.

If you want to make your voice heard here is a resource with an example letter to send to brands, race promoters, and those who hold power within cycling in the United States.

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