Apologies for the graininess of the image, but when you zoom in on the Instagram post, it seems pretty clear what Specialized has been playing with.

New Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Mirror 3-D printed saddle coming soon?

Traditionally shaped, full-length model would join the ultra-comfy S-Works Power Mirror.

by James Huang

Despite its lofty price, Specialized has apparently seen enough success with its 3-D printed S-Works Power Mirror saddle to bring forth a follow-up model. Spotted in the background of an Instagram post from Bora-Hansgrohe rider Marcus Burghardt is what appears to be an upcoming S-Works Romin Evo Mirror saddle.

Much of that success invariably boils down to the remarkable amount of comfort that printed padding provides. Instead of a conventional foam, the Mirror uses a 3-D printed cellular structure, sort of like what you might find in a natural sea sponge. As a result, the padding on that saddle is thicker than what is more typically found in a high-end road model, and yet still provides excellent support since the softness can be tuned with location-specific cell shapes and sizes.

Our own “Shoddy” Dave Everett described the S-Works Power Mirror saddle as, “exceptionally comfortable,” while CyclingTips editor-in-chief Caley Fretz was a bit more colorful in his description: “It makes my butt so happy. If I could twerk, which I can’t, it would twerk in the streets in unbridled, uncontrollable happiness.”

As popular as Specialized’s Power range is in general, however, not everyone is on board with the whole short-nosed saddle thing, so it makes sense that the company would follow up with its more traditionally shaped Romin Evo (or the slightly flatter Romin — it’s hard to tell at the moment, although the Romin Evo is the more popular shape of the two).

Specialized has yet to provide any official details on this new S-Works Romin Evo Mirror — including a release date — but based on the current S-Works Power Mirror, I expect the Romin Evo Mirror to come in around 165 grams, complete with a true carbon fiber shell and molded carbon fiber rails. 

As for the price, it’ll likely be just as mind-blowingly expensive as the S-Works Power Mirror, which currently costs US$450 / AU$750 / £390 / €429.

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