Screenshot your progress – ZwiftHub is closing down

Zwifthub's developer Tobias Feeney has announced the site will shut down at the end of the month.

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In sad news for Zwifters who like to track their progress through Zwift’s routes, badges, and achievements, the ZwiftHub app we reported on back in January is closing down. Shane Miller of the GPLama YouTube channel reported on Monday about a notice posted by ZwiftHub’s developer, Tobias Fenney, on the app’s webpage informing users of the site’s closure at the end of April.

In the notice, Feeney thanked the app’s users for their support and kind messages over the past 12 months. He spoke of the journey since announcing ZwiftHub to the Zwift world through a Reddit post having started it as his first coding project. In some good news, Feeney announced he has moved to a new software development role with Wahoo Fitness – The Sufferfest. Congrats Toby!

Toby spoke of the new job with Wahoo as “a dream come true” and explained that while Wahoo would allow him to continue the ZwiftHub app, his own personal values and the potential for conflict meant he decided to give it up.

In the short time since the app’s inception, ZwiftHub has attracted more than 2 million page visits and 60,000 users from 166 countries. ZwiftHub’s popularity grew from the app’s easy-to-use-and-view Zwift achievements tracker. Where Zwift buries this information in a sub-menu within its main menu – which is only accessible via logging into the game – ZwiftHub could be accessed with a single tap on your phone screen.

This news will no doubt come as a disappointment to the app’s many users. How will we track our progress moving forwards? My own plan is to screenshot and print my ZwiftHub profile then go old-school, ticking off the remaining achievements with a marker as I hit them. Could Zwifters get lucky again and have another hobby programmer take over the site? Or will Zwift finally find an easier way for us to track our progress or integrate badges into the companion app?

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